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Gargoyles vs Zombies (GvZ)

RELEASED WORLDWIDE - 6th Nov 2015 on Android


Since the beginning of time, light and dark forces have been at war. The dark forces are returning again with a vengeance, you are humanity's last line of defence, curb their advancement, repel their onslaught and obliterate them. Get your adrenaline rushing this Winter with the ultimate tower defence game. 

  • Unique gargoyle types - Melee, long range, hits all, elemental damage, blocker, motivator and more, allows you to build very complex strategies.

  • Upgrade you stone gargoyles to metal and equip them with many accessories to get game changing bonuses.

  • Battle the dark forces with different strengths and weaknesses - Undead, Vampire, Werewolf, Demons - Adapt you strategy accordingly.

  • Enlist Unique heroes in your service, from this plane and beyond - Ninja, Shaolin Monk, Orc Warlord, Warrior Cleric, Templar ghost.

  • Figth in different scenic locations - Autumn Grassland, Deep Jungle, Dark Swamp, Desolate Desert, Frozen Tundra and the depths of hell.

  • Dynamic weather - Rain, Sandstorm, Snow and more! 

  • Experience the never seen before, beaulifully animated characters and background all in glorious Full HD - 1080p.

Project Codename "Arjuna"



Follow the adventures of Arjuna in exile in this action packed Shooter/Platformer. Get immmersed in this chapter of Arjuna's life from Mahabharata.

  • Use your archery skills and acquire powerful weapon upgrades - Agneastra, Varunastra, Bramhastra and more.

  • Visit scenic locations throughout ancient India and meet interesting characters & fight powerful enemies.

  • Defend strategic locations, forts, palaces from waves of enemies and proceed through the storyline.

  • Enlist help from one of your legendary brothers - Bhima or Yudhisthira.

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