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Legendary Archer Arjuna
Concept Art
BhartiLabs Arjuna
BhartiLabs Bhima
BhartiLabs Yudhistira
BhartiLabs Nakula
BhartiLabs Sadeva
First Glimse of Screenshots
BhartiLabs Arjuna Jounrney Night
BhartiLabs Arjuna  Arrow Shooting
BhartiLabs Arjuna  Power Brahmastra
BhartiLabs Arjuna  Power Multiple Arrows

Apart from the core BhartiLabs Team, many thanks to the following awesome folks:



Follow the adventures of Arjuna in exile in this action packed Shooter/Platformer. Get immmersed in this chapter of Arjuna's life from Mahabharata.

  • Use your archery skills and acquire powerful weapon upgrades - Agneastra, Varunastra, Bramhastra and more.

  • Visit scenic locations throughout ancient India and meet interesting characters & fight powerful enemies.

  • Defend strategic locations, forts, palaces from waves of enemies and proceed through the storyline.

  • Enlist help from one of your legendary brothers - BhimaYudhisthira, Nakula or Sahadeva.

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